Welcome to the Relevant Yield Feature and Information Letter!


Dear user of Relevant Yield, we would like to introduce you several improvements we have made during the last couple of months; and we hope you are happy with what we have added:

  1. Prebid server added for HB Manager
  2. PieCharts are now available as a new chart type
  3. Added several new API integrations
  4. Improved Device dimension handling in the HB Manager


1. Prebid server added for HB Manager

Our work on the HB Manager continues unrelenting, and this time we have added the prebid Server as an option for your HB Manager setup.


Prebid server added for HB Manager


What is the Prebid Server? 

Normally when you do a prebid call with our HB Manager it is done through the browser, or what is also called “client-side” (In the client/users’ browser). With our Prebid server implementation you can choose to instead do the call either through our server, or as a combination of both server-side and client-side for each auction. You can find more about Prebid server here.


What is in it for you?

The reason you might want to do server-side calls in parallel with your normal client-side calls is that it could yield more revenue as you might bring in competition from sources that only buy (or prefer to buy) through server-side connections. From our own tests we see an uplift of anything from 0-10% on the revenue, depending on the website, SSPs used and country. So no guaranteed money, but it is surely worth a try!

The Prebid server is also the fundament for a couple of other new functionality that we are testing: Prebid Video and Prebid Mobile, but there will be more about those in the future newsletters.

You can read more about the activation of the prebid server here, but please reach out to us for activation, so we can help you with the initial monitoring of the auctions.


2. Pie charts are now available as a new chart type

We are bringing more and more design updates to the system and one of the first things to be launched is the new chart type, piec hart. The Pie chart is a single dimension chart type, that is really good at showing relational weight on a single dimension.


How is the OpenRTB Revenue distributed across my websites during the last 30 days?:


Pie charts are now available as a new chart type


By selecting 30 days back, and “Sites” as a dimension, and then filtering on the revenue type OpenRTB, you get a nice automatically updating Dashboard covering the OpenRTB Revenue distribution.

Please notice that if you want to do more advanced reporting across more than one dimension, we recommend that you use the Tables or maybe the Line charts (for certain 2 dimensions reports).


3. Added several new API integrations

As usual we did add a few new API connections to be able to collect data from the ad Servers and the SSPs. If you have a need to add more connections, feel free to reach out, we will sort you out!


Added several new API integrations


The newest additions are: 

  • JustPremium
  • SeedTag
  • Unruly
  • Taboola
  • Revcontent
  • Avantis

4. Improved Device dimension handling in the HB Manager

We made it easier to use the HB Manager when working with responsive ad units, so the tool can now select from predefined dimensions, based on the current state of the ad unit dimensions.

What’s in it for you?

Easier setup of Prebid auctions that fit websites that utilize responsive web design on their ad-placements. If you would like to have some helps with how to set this up, you can read about it here.


What's next?

What's next?

We will send you a monthly newsletter on the new releases, so you are always well prepared and can check out the new features right away. New releases can also always be found at our support portal here.

Feel free to reach out to us in support cases or any other questions you might have, we will help you out!