Welcome dear user of Relevant Yield, this month we have two large features in our release; which we hope will be very well received. The team has worked hard on them, and they should be really really useful for all the clients, no matter how you use the product:

  1. New and Improved alarms
  2. Improved Multi metric headings in dashboards and reports
  3. Name change for “programmatic” reports!


1. New and Improved alarms

This is one of our biggest releases and reworks yet, and we really hope you will enjoy it! What it does is take the Alarms functionality in Relevant Yield to the next level, no matter if you use it for Header Bidder analytics or the API insights. 




You can set your new alarms in the new ALARMS top-menu item and safely test it without bothering anyone else in the organization if you want to. 

Most of the things that are present in a report/dashboard can be turned into an alarm; which makes the alarms extremely useful for different users in the organization. You can decide if it should be a “global alarm” or a user specific alarm; and whom the alarms should be emailed to!


What is in it for you:

The idea is really to have the data work for you, so once set up, you can trust the system to trigger on important information - and send it back to you or your colleagues; so you don’t have to do so much reporting on a daily monitoring basis. 

There are also alarms that are crucial for making sure your organization does not lose money, when some kind of setup error occurs (placements lost, consent issues etc etc). It is a very good idea to have a look at our help section, which also contains some input on some basic alarms that might be good for you to consider (we have also added a few pre-made alarms that might be useful).

You can read more about API Insights alarms here.

And about the HB Analytics alarms here.


2. Improved Multi metric headings in dashboards and reports

We have now added additional headings when utilizing more than one metrics, to clarify the reports and dashboards a little bit. We will continue to work on both graphs and our output for Dashboards and reports over the next few months, and also introduce some new features.

Multi metric



3. Name change for “programmatic” reports!

It has been a very exciting journey building Relevant Yield, and with the addition of more functionality, the “programmatic” reports name is not up to date anymore, as our HB Analytics, are also programmatic reports of a kind ;-)

So we are changing the names for the “programmatic” reports to “API Insights” - the name of the actual module covering everything imported from SSPs/Adservers/Google Analytics and covering the daily consolidated API reports.


What's next?

We will send you a monthly newsletter on the new releases, so you are always well prepared and can check out the new features right away. New releases can also always be found at our support portal here.

Feel free to reach out to us in support cases or any other questions you might have, we will help you out!