Welcome, dear user of Relevant Yield. The last months we have been working on two larger projects and we are happy to announce both: 

  1. Amazon TAM Handling in HB Manager & HB Analytics
  2. Prebid ID handling inside the HB Manager & HB Analytics
  3. Price Floor management per placement
  4. Improved support for Outbrain Reporting
  5. Magnite preferred data partnership
  6. Stacked lines for the Dashboards

The new version will be coming to your account during the week!


1. Amazon TAM/UAM Handling in HB Manager & HB Analytics

We have now added the ability for you to run your Amazon setup in parallel with your prebid setup, and handle it all from inside the HB Manager!

1. Amazon TAM/UAM Handling in HB Manager & HB Analytics

Strictly speaking Amazon UAM/TAM is not part of the prebid as such, but another server side platform, but because it runs in parallel with prebid, it can be included on the same level as an SSP can. 

You can read a little bit more about Amazon TAM/UAM here:

Unified ad marketplace - Amazon

We recommend that you run your other SSPs in the prebid environment (just ping us for Prebid server activation!); but Amazon comes with its own demand,  and that is of course valuable to bring into competition.

What’s in it for you?

More revenue! As Amazon has its own demand, it is to be treated as another buyer source of course. So if you get your own Amazon account, it can be activated and handled through the HB Manager, which gives you full control and transparency on all the other sources.

As we highlight later in the newsletter, we have made it easier to run cross-SSP floorprices through the HB Manager, and this also works for the Amazon Bidder.

Read more about the implementation here:

Knowledge base - Adding your Amazon UAM/TAM to your Prebid setup


2. Prebid ID Handling Inside the HB Manager & HB Analytics

We have made it even easier to run your prefered ID solutions for your prebid setup - and to experiment between them. Simply select which ID partners you would want to have activated in your call, and they get sent with your requests.

Please notice that some ID vendors require that you have an account with them, and in these cases you of course have the option to add your specific credentials.

2. Prebid ID Handling Inside the HB Manager & HB Analytics

What’s in it for you?

By enabling more ID solutions, you are gearing up towards a potential cookieless environment in the future. You can also increase your revenues already today, as more and more DSPs take advantage of the different solutions out there!

You can read more about which vendors are working with prebid here:

Prebid - User ID modules

And read about how to set it up and work with it on your account here:

Knowledge Base - Setting up and working with the Prebid User ID


3. Price Floor Management per Placement

Strictly speaking you have been able to do this for a long time in the HB Manager, but we have now made it a little bit easier and cleaner to do it!

Simply select which price floor you would like to send across all of the added SSPs in your setup, and it will overrule the floorprice you have set in the SSPs. Please notice that this is based on the Prebid Floorprice Module, and that if an SSP does not support this module, it will use the floorprice you have set in that particular SSP; Amazon being an important exception for this - as it also work with the floorprice setting in HB Manager.

3. Price Floor Management per Placement

You can read a little bit more about the floorprice module here, and investigate a bit around the bidders you are using: 

Prebid - Price Floors Module

You can read about how to use the module with HB Manager here:

Knowledge base - How to use the Floor price module

What is in it for you?

A much easier way to set and update your floor prices across your SSPs, and a really nice and quick way to do tests on different floor price levels. Optimization is the name of the game here, and you have real-time changes with real-time feedback from the HB Analytics - powerful stuff! 

This floorprice option can also be combined with things that you render on your website; like “country”, “section” or whatever you would like to differentiate your floorprices on.

Please notice that if your Bidder/SSP does not support the prebid floorprice module, the floorprice set in the Bidder/SSP will be used instead.


4. Improved support for Outbrain API reporting

We have updated the Outbrain API reporting, in API Insight, so if you are utilizing the CSV version today, you might want to consider switching to an API integration.

What’s in it for you?

API connections are usually a little bit more stable than CSVs, so switching will create a more stable import over time.


5. Magnite Preferred Data Partnership


During the summer we have had discussions with Magnite and agreed on entering a Prefered Data partnership with them, which means that we can now add Magnite API support for all our API Insight customers. This is a good thing, as we can make sure a better and more stable data collection for you.

Please notice that we are still 100% SSP and ad server independent; this is simply to be able to provide you all with API access to Magnite.

What's in it for you?

If you are running CSV imports for Magnite, we can now help you get API access instead, through us as a Magnite Data Prefered Partner. This also means that you do not need to broker your own API agreement with Magnite, as it can all be handled through us.

Just reach out to me, your Technical Account Manager or the support, and we can help you with the setup.


6. Stacked Lines in the Dashboards

On request we have now added the ability to “stack” and/or “fill” lines in the Dashboards for the line/bar charts. We want to improve more on the customization side of the Dashboards as we move along; so expect to see more updates during the next few months on this topic - this is just the beginning.

This is how it looks:

6. Stacked Lines in the Dashboards

What's in it for you?

By stacking (or filling) the line/bar charts, it makes comparative views easier. In a pie chart it is easy to compare, but you usually lack the dates distribution; and with the stacked & filled line/bar chart you basically get the best of both worlds!


What's next?

What's next?

We will send you a monthly newsletter update on the new releases, so you are always well prepared, and can check out the new features right away. New releases can also always be found at our support portal here.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me, the support or any other contact you might have, and we will help you out!