Welcome to the Relevant Yield Feature and Information Letter!

Welcome, dear user of Relevant Yield, to the final release before the summer holidays. During the last couple of months, we have focused on some new optimisation metrics and improved the reporting speed of the HB Analytics product.

  1. New optimisation metrics and options for HB Analytics
  2. "What's new" button

The release will drop today and during the rest of the week.


1.  New optimisation metrics and options for HB Analytics

We have been hard at work, adding a lot of new metrics and options for optimisation monitoring in HB Analytics. This has resulted in 5 new metrics for you to work with:

New optimisation metrics

The new metrics works like this:

  • Unique bid revenue - revenue of bids where there was no other SSP giving a bid-response.
  • Incremental bid revenue - revenue increase by the winning SSP, calculated by taking the difference between winning bid and second highest bid (if any).
  • Lost revenue to adserver - revenue that was "lost" as the adserver showed another ad instead (or no-ad).
  • Bid density % - bid responses / ad requests (how many bid-responses per request, can be > 100%).
  • Win rate % - impressions / bid responses.

We have also added some new filtering options, so it is easier to combine between the dimensions when reporting. You now have the option to utilise an AND/OR logics in the "Filter by bids" for HB Analytics:

New optimisation metrics

!Heads up about no historical data for a few metrics!

  • "Unique bid revenue" will be 0 for dates < 2023-07-04.
  • "Lost revenue to adserver" will be 0 up until today's release.
  • "Incremental bid revenue" will be (in general) equal to "Revenue" < 2023-07-04, although this isn't true.

What's in it for you?

The new metrics can be used for optimising different things in your setup, but here are a few examples: 

  • Which SSPs bring you the most value: by looking at how much unique demand they actually bring (Unique bid revenue); and what difference their bid has to the second highest bidder (Incremental bid revenue). With this information it is easier to make a decision if a bidder deserves to be in your stack or not.
  • Bid Density% will also help you understand how often a particular SSP is trying to win in an auction, and the Win rate% will show you how often a particular SSP is winning, when they actually returned a bid. This information can be good to highlight to SSPs, if they constantly fail to win in an auction.
  • Lost revenue to adserver, gives an indication to what revenue level your adserver is expected to beat, if they are doing proper competition with the bids coming from Prebid.

The new filtering capabilities will also give you some new options and combination options, here are a the new options listed:

  • Adserver won - filter by bids that was the highest Prebid-bid but lost out to adserver.
  • Unique response - filter out bids that was the only bidding SSP, this includes lost bids that didn't result in an impression as well.

With the new And/Or logic you can of course play around and create new valuable insights also.

The Metric and Dimensions section of the HB Analytics reporting has been updated, and you can read more about it HERE.


2. A "Whats new" button

The "Whats new" button is simply a quick link to our release logs, so you can easily find information about both our latest and our historical releases.

You can find the "Whats new" button in the help menu of the GUI:

 A “Whats new” button