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How to make sure the system has mapped all my data?

Harnessing API Insights to Identify Unmapped SSP Placements with Revenue Yield

What is Missing SSP traffic?

Missing SSP traffic refers to SSP placements that have generated revenue but are not mapped within our system. When establishing connections with new SSPs via the API, our platform automatically collects data from these sources. This data is then cross-referenced with your inventory structure in Relevant Yield.

The list includes essential information such as SSP name, placement details, corresponding SSP IDs, and total revenue accrued over the specified period.


Find the Missing SSP Traffic

From the left navigation menu go to Admin > Missing SSP traffic

Easily map placements manually into your Publisher account, leveraging the detailed insights provided.

For quick reference you have the possibility to export the data as a CSV file.


If you require additional information or assistance, please don't hesitate to contact support our your Account Manager.