Overview of setting up HB Analytics

Integration of the HB Analytics

On the Publisher account page you’ll see a Programmatic tag link for each site: "Programmatic tag"

In the top of the tag page you’ll see the script you should put on the site:

IMPORTANT: You must place the tag before any other calls to Prebid.js, and that includes any other call to pbjs.queue.push().

The loading of the actual HBA script (hosted by Relevant) can however be delayed any amount of time. In the tag this is controlled by the LOAD_TIMEOUT_MS variable at the top. Delaying the load will naturally increase the % of traffic/revenue/events that will be missed. The HBA script is designed to be light on resources. But if you’re concerned about your page load time and accept that a certain % of traffic will be missing in the report you can e.g. set it to 3000 for a 3 second delay. A real world example is that we’ve observed that a specific site with a 10 second delay lost ~35% of the traffic/revenue in the reports. But this varies obviously for different sites depending on the average time users spend on each page. Delaying the load might be desirable during initial testing of HBA.

That is it!

Please notice that it is important to use unique scripts per website, and that if you need to build a higher granularity; or log special parameters; we recommend that you take a look at HB Analytics: Adding Custom Parameters in the help section.