Reloads in HB Manager

In this section we will walk you through the different reload settings for the HB Manager

Reloading your Prebid calls on your placements in a proper and functional way can be a way to earn extra revenue, without creating a bad user experience. This is why we have added an advanced reload functionality to the HB Manager, where you can handle, set and test different reloading scenarios.

We recommend that you experiment with a few placements at a time, to find a good balance that works for your site. Too many low-quality reloads can cause poor viewability and lower eCPMs, but quality reloads can make you more inventory from your more premium placements.


Go to: Publisher Accounts > "Edit" Account settings > Open website > Open placement > Edit Built-in settings

Select the switch "Enable placement reloading" and check the security checkbox as well.

Once done, you need to save the changes at the bottom of the web page, in order to activate the functionality. You should see the effects after a few seconds.

The Reload Settings

  • Reload interval in seconds - This is the number of seconds until the placement is reloaded.
  •  Count reload interval by -This is defining what should trigger the initiation of the reload count in seconds. As such it can be understood how aggressive the reloading policy will be.

    There are three alternatives to select from:
    Time since loaded - This will reload after x number of seconds, since it was loaded the first time). 
    Time since first viewable - This will start the reload count only when the placement has been viewable the first time.
    Time being viewable - This will only count as long as the placement is in view.
  • Maximum number of reloads: This sets the number of times the placement will reload.
  • Minimum viewability % for reload: Sets how many % of the placement should be in-view to qualify for a reload.
  • Set CSS min-width/height when reloading (prevents jump effects): Activate this if you see the page "jumping" on reloads, as it will leave the ad slot open, during reloads - avoiding temporary collapses in columns.