Setting up and working with the Prebid User ID

It is really very simple for you to select and work with the different User ID vendors that are compliant with Prebid. 

Simply Select which ones you want to work with by moving to Global Settings - Programmatic Configurations, and press "Add a new User ID module". This will bring up a list of the different ID Vendors you can work with.


Go to: Configuration > Integrations > + New User Id Module


When selecting one of the ID Vendors, you get a chance to enter the Credentials (if needed). Some of the ID vendors do not require a specific ID to be used (It is generic), but some do.

You have to take a look at the official prebid page, and see if you need to contact the vendor for credentials:

In order to utilize the specific Vendor in the call you can then change what you want to enable in the Prebid parameters pages, either on a global or site level.


Go to: HB Management > Global HB Management > Prebid parameters > User ID Modules

Open the User ID modules and "Enable" with toggle button + confirm with clicking/selecting the "Checkbox"  

  • Fill in: *Required fields for that user ID module + any Optional configuration if desired
  • Storage: Open the settings and adjust.
    - Type: Local Storage or Cookie.
    - Storage Time (days): How long do you want the user to stay registered. 
    - Time before refresh (seconds):

Don't forget to save. Your User ID is active instantly.