Setting up a new ad server connection

Relevant Yield collects data from the API sources on a daily basis. Depending on where your geographical location, it will vary slightly during the day, but we aim to always have fresh data when you meet in for work.

How to setup a new ad server connection in Relevant Yield:

1. Create an API User

Your Relevant Digital Technical Account Manager will provide you with an email address that you should use to create a new API user in the ad server. Depending on the ad server, the API user may be different than a normal user. The most important thing is that the user has access to API features of the SSP. This might require you to inform them about the frequency of the API calls, and the answer for this would be roughly 5 calls per day. Most ad servers do not charge anything extra for the API access, so it is usually very easy to get this access.

2. Add a new adserver connection in Relevant Yield
2.1 Configure settings for the connection
To add a new adserver connection, go to Configuration -> Integrations and click "+ New Adserver". Some of the settings are adserver specific, but in most cases you need to add at least a network id / code.

 If you have any questions regarding the settings, please don't hesitate to contact our support.

2.2. Add credentials to connect Relevant Yield with your adserver.

You will add credentials (the newly created API user) in the bottom of the settings popup. Authentication may be different for different adservers. Please contact Relevant Digital support when adding credentials.

After your credentials are added, the system should populate with Data, either automatically, if you wait until the next day, or if you trigger a manual import.

3. Once you can see data coming in, you can always use the Admin - Missing SSP traffic, to see the name of the placements imported, and then go on to map the new SSP Ids, to the websites.