Setting up Prebid Mobile in HB Manager

This is a quick start guide for Android Prebid Mobile implementation, but cover the basics for iOS also. It is important to highlight that most of the work is related to adding the Prebid SDK to the App and not in integration with HB Manager.

Activating Prebid mobile in Relevant Yield: 

From the Relevant Yield homescreen the “Accounts” menu should be selected.

Here you can either opt to create a new account or edit an existing one. Once you have selected the account you wish to edit, or have successfully created your mobile account setup, you can then activate the Prebid mobile. 

To do this you need to select the “prebid parameters” and set “Enable Mobile” in the new General settings section.

You now need to save these changes. 

Once saved you will be able to retrieve the “Prebid server account ID” and the “AdUnit Config Id” to be placed in your application.

NB:  There is one AdUnit config Id per prebid configuration. The prebid config name is displayed below its corresponding ID. 

Adding Prebid Mobile to your Android application: 

(For context on this topic or the iOS version please visit the prebid site.)


The first step is to follow the guidance set out in the documentation.

Once done you can use the Prebid server account ID provided in the Relevant Yield UI in the “setPrebidServerAccountId”:

Similarly you can add your AdUnit config Id (one or more) to the BannerAdUnit:

Lastly you need to make sure you set the host to your prebid server URL. To do this your need to setPrebidServerHost to your Relevant Yield instance’s Prebid server URL (in the example below this means replacing androidLocalHost with your URL. 

You can find your prebid server url under the “Programmatic Tag” menu, at the site level, in Relevant Yield:

Look for these settings:


It should look similar to this, but have a unique URL for your account:

*If this URL is empty then please contact a member of Relevant Yield Support


Once this is done then you are all set! 

Please do not hesitate to reach out for a sample project as a reference.

Prebid Mobile Extensions

Please read about Prebid Mobile Extensions available when using HB Manager.