Relevant Yield Feature and Information Letter!

Welcome, dear user of Relevant Yield, to the second release of 2024!

Over the last months, we have been building and reworking our GUI, and we will release it in steps throughout the remainder of 2024. Some of the changes will introduce new features and workflows together with the changes, while others will be mostly cosmetic. With this release, we are launching the first part of that update - a reworking of the publisher list in the publisher accounts with some added functionality.

  1. GUI Update: Publisher Account List Page
  2. Search Bar and Search Functionality
  3. Additional Include/Exclude Filters added to API Insight Dimensions
  4. Hide Publishers Functionality

The release will be made available today and throughout the rest of the week.


1. GUI Update: Publisher Account List Page

The publisher account list is, of course, where you set up and map your publishers and the websites they operate. With the new GUI, we have relocated some of the functionality to the top of the page, so you don’t have to scroll for it; and we have improved the design to work on both smaller and larger screens:

At the top of the list, you can easily access these functions:

  • “Filter Publisher”: Here, you can easily filter the publisher list by typing part of the publisher’s name. The list will dynamically filter out.
  • “Show hidden Publishers”: Toggles between showing all publishers, including the hidden ones, or only the ones that have not been hidden.
  • “Advanced Mapping”: This is where you can import your “Missing SSP traffic” data into the system by running automated scripts based on naming conventions etc.
  • “Access History”: Here, you can see which users have logged in and at what time they did so. 
  • “Download mapping structure as CSV”: This function exports the currently mapped structure that you have in the system so that you can edit and re-import it if needed. This is usually used during onboarding or larger updates.
  • “CSV Import/Export”: Here, you can upload your edited or new mapping structure or export the current ones, which is usually used during onboarding or larger updates.

By hovering over a particular publisher, you get access to some publisher functionality, like Users, Hide Publisher and Delete.


What's in it for you?

A nicer and easier way to interact with the publishers you have in your account and faster access to the functionality.

The filter and hide functionality are especially useful if you have a large number of publishers or publisher structures that you no longer work with.

Please note that we have also added a search bar in the top bar, which means you can access the content of the publishers (like websites and placements) faster. But more about that in the next topic!


2. Search Bar and Search Functionality

The search bar give you access to things inside your publisher accounts, like publishers, websites and placements:

What's in it for you?

A fast and direct way to access a specific area of your setup without clicking through the structure. A good naming convention for your placements can make these types of searches easier.


3. Additional Include/Exclude Filters added to API Insight Dimensions

We have added the ability to include/exclude on all API Insight filters. The only exception is for the sales representative dimensions; all others are now supported.

What is in it for you?

A way to filter out what is the most important to you across a wider range of dimensions.

4. Hiding Publishers in the Publisher List Functionality

As part of the new GUI update, we have also added the ability to hide publishers from the list view.

Please note that hiding a publisher does not deactivate anything or remove any data, it simply hides the publisher from appearing in the list until made visible again.


What is in it for you?

The possibility to maintain a cleaner publisher list in your account and hide publishers that are  inactive or not part of your focus area. 


What's next?

We will send you a monthly newsletter update on the new releases, so you are always well prepared, and can check out the new features right away. New releases can also always be found at our support portal here.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me, the support or any other contact you might have, and we will help you out!