What is HB Manager?

The HB Manager is a way for the User to control a prebid based Header Bidder through the relevant Yield Interface.

Handling a prebid setup, is usually done by a Publishers tech-team, or through a 3rd party wrapper, but HB Manager differentiates from these "old" options, in a few ways:

1. When using the HB Manager the settings and code changes, that would normally involve the tech-team is handled through the Relevant Yield interface. This means that after the inital deply is made to the website, anything related to the Headerbidder is handled through relevant Yield. This gives the AdOps/Yieldoptimizers a lot more control and optimizing/experimentation possibilites, as they are not dependent on the tech team as soon as they need to do a change. Things like Prebid updates, Floor-price changes, Bidder/SSP addition & removal, dimension changes etc etc, all become possible to do without the tech team; placing the control where it should be.

2. If using a 3rd party wrapper, you do get some of the same benefits as you would with HB Manager, but with a couple of big differences. With the HB Manager, we strive to make EVERY setting available to your AdOps/Yield team. Most 3rd party wrappers give very little control over the settings, so as an AdOps/Yield you are basically just switching your dependencies from your own tech team, onto the 3rd party wrappers support team. This is not our goal with HB Manager, we want to give all that power straight to the AdOps/Yield optimizers - enabling them to experiment and build advanced setups, without interuptions.

As we usually add the HB manager with the HB Analytics, you also have real-time feedback on any changes you make, and you can build advanced alarms to monitor any changes you make.

It is an extremely powerful tool, and it requires no coding skills; just a basic understanding of the header Bidder concept!