What is the purpose of the Invoice and statement section?

In Relevant Yield you have the functionality of producing statements or revenue reports, and send/show to your external stakeholders (or your own finance). This is very useful when working as a Publisher network, where your revenues need to be split between multiple Publishers, but it can of course also be used for financial statements across different websites; if you have internal stakeholders. Once a statement is created for a particular Publisher account, that statement is also available for the Publisher to see if they log into their account.

How are the calculations done?

The “Revenue” on the statement is based on the revenue we collect from your different sources, where we also subtract any revenue cuts from the SSPs, and any revshares you have entered in the Publisher account setups. Any technical cost added in the Programmatic setups, are also subtracted before the amount is shown on the statement. You can also override/adjust your statement manually if needed.

Can I add my own statement template?

Yes you can add your own statement template, where you can decide what should be shown on your Invoice. The statement template can be set up from the Document templates under Admin. You can then select which template you wish to edit. Once editing the template you are presented with multiple editing options.


You can also add different templates for different Publisher accounts, customizing what each Publisher is able to see on their Invoice statements.