Mapping Adserver and SSP placement IDs to Relevant Yield Placements

One of the tasks during HB Manager onboarding is to map adserver and SSP placement IDs to corresponding Relevant Yield placements.

Before you start, make sure that SSPs and Adservers are saved in Configuration -> Integrations view. 

How to map SSP ids to corresponding Relevant Yield Placements. 

Step 1. Navigate to a Placement

Go to Publisher Accounts -> Edit Publisher -> Websites -> Placement

Step 2. Add your Adserver

In placement settings you select your adserver

Step 3. Add an SSP

In placement settings you select the SSPs you wish to use in the Placement. 

Step 4. Add an SSP id

Place the correct id to the ID field.

Step 5. Remember to add all of the SSPs you have

Use The onboarding sheet provided by your Technical account manager and fill in all of the SSPs' ids.

Step 6. Save