Setting up an SSP

How to add a new SSP in Relevant Yield HB Manager

Notice that if you are trying to create an API connection, please reach out to your account manager for further instructions.

How to add a new SSP:

1. Configure settings for the SSP

To add a new SSP connection, go to Configuration -> Integrations and click "+ New Ssp". 

HBM add new SSP (1)

If you cannot find and SSP you want to integrate on the list, but you know it is an official prebid bidder, then select "HB Manager Generic Bidder".

2. Fill in the required* fields  

Most of the SSP fields are self Most of the fields in the SSP configuration are easy to understand, but if you have any trouble, don't hesitate to ask your account manager for assistance., but feel free to reach out your account manager to give you a hand if you get stuck


If you are adding a "HB Manager Generic Bidder", search here to fill in:

  • Default bidder name* = Prebid bidder code 
  • ID Bidder param* = Prebid required param (usually a parameter representing placement ID)

If there are multiple required parameters, then those are added later to Prebid parameters on the designated level (global, publisher, site, placement).

2. Save

Lastly don't forget to save, now you are ready to start mapping the SSP placements. 

See the bulk import for automated SSP placement mapping HERE.