Introduction to Relevant Yield

Relevant Yield is the most comprehensive solution on the market for ad ops and digital sales teams to maximise ad revenue. It consists of three different sections: API Insights, HB Analytics and HB Manager.

Relevant Yield consists of three main product sections: API Insights, HB Analytics and HB Manager. All of the product sections are accessed through a common UI, which makes it easier to navigate between them. 

When you login Relevant Yield platform you manage users, publisher accounts and other Relevant Yield general features that are the same for all the Relevant Yield products.

API Insights enables multiple SSPs and Adservers' monitoring and reporting in one interface. The system provides a detailed, easily customisable view to all sales channels. It makes follow-up, reporting and revenue optimisation much easier and saves publishers time for more productive work.

With HB Analytics you can monitor and optimize Header Bidding setups & protect ad revenues.

HB Manager allows you to manage Header Bidding setup easily without technical knowledge.

Our help pages ( are structured so that we have a category for the Relevant Yield general structures as well as a main category for each product section. We also have FAQ for most asked questions and Release and Feature Logs section where we tell you about the newest features and product development. The six main categories are:

  • Relevant Yield general features
  • API Insights
  • HB Analytics
  • HB Manager
  • FAQ
  • Release and Feature Logs

In these categories you’ll find documentation on how to set up and use the system.

Overview of setting up API Insights

Overview of setting up HB Analytics

Overview of setting up HB Manager

Depending on which product section(s) you are paying for, the setup process varies slightly.

If you’d like to learn more about the differences between the three product sections and their features, we recommend that you read the following articles: 

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