Overview of setting up API Insights

Setting up HB Manager in Relevant Yield is quick and easy.
These are the main steps to take during the onboarding of Relevant Yield API Insights:

Step 1: Create a map of your SSP placements

Your Relevant Digital Technical account manager will provide you with a document sheet where you can list all your adserver placements and corresponding SSP placement IDs. This will be useful later on when mapping the SSP placements to corresponding Relevant Yield placements.

Step 2: Login and give access to your colleagues 

You will receive an email with credentials and a login url to your Relevant Yield account.
You can read more about user roles and how to create users in User management in Relevant Yield

Step 3: Define your Publisher / Website / Placement structure

Whether you are a publisher or a network user, this article will teach you how to create your own placement structure: What are Publisher accounts?

Step 4: Add integration to your adserver

Add an adserver connection in Integrations view of Relevant Yield. Learn more about adserver settings in Setting up a new adserver connection

Step 5: Add SSPs

Add your SSPs the same way you added your adserver. Learn more about SSP settings in Setting up a new SSP connection

Step 6: Map Adserver and SSP IDs to corresponding Relevant Yield placements

Read more about Mapping Adserver and SSP placement IDs to Relevant Yield API Insights Placements

Step 7: Setup Dashboards

Read more about Setting up your API Insights Alarms

Step 8: Setup Advertiser reporting

Read more about Importing Advertisers for Mapping from your CRM
and Mapping Advertisers & Buyers for reporting

Step 9: Validate data

Make sure you have mappped all the IDs and check that the API Insights numbers match with Adserver and SSP reports. Learn How to make sure the system has mapped all my data?

Step 10: Setup Alarms

Read more about Setting up your API Insights Alarms

Step 11: Done

Go live with API Insights!