Overview of setting up HB Manager

Setting up HB Manager in Relevant Yield is quick and easy.
These are the main steps to take during the onboarding of Relevant Yield HB Manager:

Step 1: Create a map of your SSP placements

Your Relevant Digital Technical account manager will provide you with a document sheet where you can list all your adserver placements and corresponding SSP placement IDs. This will be useful later on when mapping the SSP placements to corresponding Relevant Yield placements.

Step 2. Login and give access to your colleagues 

You will receive an email with credentials and a login url to your Relevant Yield account.
You can read more about user roles and how to create users in User management in Relevant Yield

Step 3. Define your Publisher / Website / Placement structure

Whether you are a publisher or a network user, this article will teach you how to create your own placement structure: What are Publisher accounts?

Step 4. Add integration to your adserver

Together with your Technical account manager, create line items to your own adserver. Also add an adserver in Integrations view of Relevant Yield. Learn more about adserver settings in Setting up an adserver

Step 5. Add SSPs

Add your SSPs/Bidders the same way you added your adserver.

Step 6. Create Placement types

Placement types hold information of which ad sizes you wish to load on a certain placement. Create placement types that make sense to your setup. Placement types can be created on a Global, Publisher or Website level. Learn more about how to create placement types in Setting up Placement types

Step 7. Map Adserver and SSP ids to corresponding Relevant Yield placements

Read more about Mapping Adserver and SSP placement IDs to Relevant Yield Placements

Step 8. Configure Header bidding with Prebid Parameters

Read more about how to Manage Prebid settings with Prebid Parameters

Step 9. Configure Header bidding with Prebid configuration

Read more about how to manage which placements / SSPs are being loaded: Editing Prebid configurations

Step 10. Finetune where and how your placements are being loaded with Placement Tag Fields

In addition to Prebid configurations, you can use Placement Tag Fields to determine where and how your placements are being loaded. Read more: Adding Placement Tag Fields

Step 11. Test your Header Bidding setup on a test page

Your Relevant Digital Technical Account Manager will help you set up a test page.

Step 12. Go live with Relevant HB Manager!


Optional Steps:

Serverside header bidding

Read how to setup Prebid server: Adding the Prebid Server to your calls

Mobile apps

Read more about Setting up Prebid Mobile in HB Manager

Using Amazon UAM/TAM

Read more about Adding Amazon UAM/TAM to your Prebid setup


Read more about Setting up Prebid AMP in HB Manager