What are the Publisher accounts?

The Publisher account section keeps track of all the Publishers, Websites and placements you are working with, and also how your Adserver and SSPs are connected to these.

The Accounts work with 3 levels:

  • Publisher Accounts
  • Website
  • Placement

The Publisher Account level

The Publisher account level is the highest reporting level, and can also have external users attached to it. The general idea is that if you have an external Publisher or stakeholder; who should only have access to the websites added under this particular Publisher, then you can create an “External user” for that stakeholder. 

If you do not have any external stakeholders outside of your own Publishing organization, then you might only have to add one Publisher Account - your own organization.

Please notice that any Financial statements are also generated on the Publisher account level, so if you want to use the monthly statement generation tool, then it is important to Add Publishers so they correspond to the Publisher you want to send the statement to. 


The Website level

The websites can be created under the Publisher account core information, and you start adding your website by “+” sign in the websites block. After pressing the “+”  you can open up your website, and start adding your information:
Domain (Website name) 


Placement Level

You add your placement by pressing the “+” sign under “Placements”, which will let you edit your “New Placement”. You should add this information on your placements:

  • Name: The name you use for your placement. Use something that is easy to identify.
  • Adserver: The Adserver you use, you also need to add the placement/Adunit code. Please notice that multiple placements can be grouped together if your Adserver granularity is bigger than what is used in the SSPs. The Adserverlist is based on the Adservers you have added in the “Programmatic Configuration”, under “Global settings”.
  • SSPs: Select which SSPs to use, and enter their IDs. Different SSPs work with different IDs, please click [HERE] to see how the ID formats from the different SSPs should be entered. It is possible to add the same SSP multiple times, and from different SSP accounts. The SSP list is based on the SSPs you have added in the “Programmatic Configuration”, under “Global settings”.


If you want to make sure that you have all your SSPs and placements added you can have a look in the “Global Settings”, under Missing SSP traffic; it will show you if there is activity in your SSPs, on placements not added in Relevant Yield.